USCGA cadet volunteers from left to right: Cadets Montgomery Rickey, Isaac Magee, Lauryn Banks, Milo Bertrand, Ryan Hurst, Samuel Dragomire, Ryan Curry, James Bongard.

USCGA cadet volunteers helped finish off a project at the John Winthrop, Jr. Statue garden on a rather chilly morning November 6, 2021.

The cadets smoothed out the soil where some junipers were previously removed during the summer, flattened and wet down cardboard to lay over the soil, and finally covered it all with mulch. Magic will happen over the winter. The weeds will die off and earthworms will move in. They love cardboard and if given a proper environment of disintegrating cardboard, they will multiply quickly and leave carbon-rich castings behind while at the same time aerating the soil. Next spring this section of the garden should be weed free and have rich soil – ready for planting.

Job well done! Thanks to all of you! GO USCGA!!!