NLBC presented its annual awards to six local businesses on September 30, 2021. These awards are normally presented at a City Council meeting, but due to COVID restraints that impact in-person Council meetings, we presented them at each site.

Co-chairs Tita Williams and Diane Smith along with NLBC Secretary Deirdre Cavanagh made the presentations. Member Daneen Roth was our photographer. These annual awards are given to businesses or organizations that do something special via landscaping in a given year. New London is fortunate that these businesses see the value of using plants to enhance their properties and help make New London beautiful.

Congratulations to all recipients!

City Center District

CCD hangs the beautiful hanging baskets, fills Parade Plaza with color, and many other displays downtown.

A stunning blast of color by CCD at Parade Plaza.

Wilson Bynum accepts the 2021 New London Beautification Award for City Center District.

Cross Sound Ferry

Cross Sound Ferry was given a Perennial Award due to the fact that their floral displays come back bigger and better year after year.

Cross Sound fills their space with planters that are breathtaking.

Chris Anglin and Julie McArthur accept the award for Cross Sound Ferry.

Mariner Square

The company did an extensive renovation to both their exterior landscaping as well as the interior of the structure. The landscaping is now clean and attractive. Shawn is very proud that many of the new changes within the building are focused on saving the environment.

Mariner’s simple yet effective use of natural wood, hardscape, and grasses.

Shawn Kennedy, building manager, accepted the 2021 New London Beautification Award for Mariner Square.

Rooted Landscape Design

Rooted Landscape Design received the award for a simply gorgeous new perennial garden filled with several plant-oriented surprises. The garden design is a true work of art.

This garden is filled with little vignettes of plant arrangements. Simply beautiful all year.

Angela Lewis, along with her landscaper Kim Payne of Rooted Landscape Design, accepted the 2021 New London Beautification Award.

Spirit Gallery Tattoo

The Spirit Gallery Tattoo garden brightens up Colman Street with interesting plants and lots of color. We’re looking forward to the fall planted bulbs that will be blooming next spring. It’s suppose to be filled with unusual selections.

Building owner Lari Mostro and gardener Michael Dodd accepted the 2021 New London Beautification Award for the Spirit Gallery Tattoo garden.

There are many interesting species of plants hiding in the Spirit Gallery Tattoo garden.

The Docks

The Docks received the 2021 New London Beautification Award for their landscaping this year that included many trees.

Adam Romeo, building manager, and Courtney Gaudenzi accepted the 2021 New London Beautification Award for The Docks.

It’s especially nice to see trees planted along Bank Street.