With winter just around the corner, we’ve compiled a few tips of things you can do to maintain and improve your garden. . .

1. Garden cleanup: pull out annuals to prevent rot and reduce pests. This will also save you work next spring at planting time.

2. Add compost to feed your garden through winter and enrich the soil for next year.

3. Save seeds: store in dry, dark and cool space for planting next spring.

4. Plant hearty shrubs and spring bulbs before the ground freezes.

5. Prep areas to expand your garden next spring.

For expert advice on putting your garden to bed for the winter, read the article by Michelle Slatalla published on gardenista.com.

VIDEO: “5 Types of Plants for Winter Interest” by Laura LeBoutillier of Garden Answer

You can also get a head start on a new garden area for next spring.

Meghan Shinn from Horticulture Magazine offers a quick and easy method to kill grass over the winter using cardboard and compost. This should make planting easier and provide nutrients to the soil.