In every city and town, you can drive around and find strange little forgotten spaces that have become eye-sores. We hardly notice them as we pass by, sometimes they are so overgrown that we have forgotten what they are or why they were made. Once you start to notice these spaces, they are hard to ignore.

Thus we arrive at what the Beautification Committee calls The Bently Bump Out (for lack of knowing what else to call such a weird little construction). We were all in agreement that it was a mess, and this week we have finished redoing the whole thing. A special thanks to Jim and Lisa Pettey for all your work on this project, truly heroic.

Is there a space that you have noticed, around the city, that you think needs attention? Perhaps you are just wondering how it got to be there. Take a few photos and email them to us, or leave a message below in comments. Maybe we can help.

Posted by Ann Samul